There are 800,000 unfilled IT roles in the UK. Yet UK computer science graduates are 5% more likely than other grads to be unemployed 6 months after graduating.

Great organisations are working to fix the skills gap. But fixing the skills gap doesn't fix the employment gap.

The immediate issue: tech recruiters rarely come from technical backgrounds. Lacking technical understanding inhibits their ability to fill roles with the right people.

The long-term issue goes beyond tech recruitment. Digital transformation and automation threaten non-technical roles who lack technical understanding.

At the highest level, in-work digital vocational training produces poor outcomes. Innovations in digital learning delivery can drive global improvements across a variety of subject areas

Our plan is to build a software tool ('Graph') that makes digital vocational learning easy to pick up, highly engaging, personalised, and requires minimal ongoing management.

First, we will deploy this within a charity helping underprivileged people into technology (10s of learners). Second, we will deploy it with a range of recruitment businesses (100s of learners). Third, we will deploy it within a wider range of businesses and vocational study areas (1000s of learners).

We hope Graph will ultimately take any non-technical person from zero to proficiency in applied use of core technical models – and beyond.

Who are we?

We're two startup execs building innovative, tech-enabled learning and training solutions.

There are plenty of Learning Management Systems, eLearning platforms, MOOCs, and other ways to learn stuff online. So what sets us apart?

In short, we start from the learner. We put them in control. We build courses the way they learn. We integrate with their work.

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Ruben Kostucki

I’ve spent the past 10+ years building, running, investing and advising startups. Notably built Makers.tech from scratch, the first coding bootcamp to open in Europe. I've been interim CRO at Mumsnet in 2020 and did some ad-hoc consultancy for other tech founders.

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Sam Morgan

I’m a tech, education, and product person. I’ve built a bunch of products inside and outside the formal education system. I built Makers.tech's curriculum and product offerings as Head of Product and exec from 2015 to 2020.

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